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Mariana Age of Aquarius Earrings E-1010 319

Metal Finish: Rose Gold

Length: 2.4cm


Step into the dawning of a new era with Mariana's 'Age of Aquarius' collection, a tribute to harmony, beauty, and a universal consciousness. This collection is inspired by the astrological shift that promises spiritual awakening and a reconnection to divine wisdom. Each piece in this collection is carefully crafted with a mesmerizing array of Swarovski crystals, reflecting the vibrant and transformative energies of the Aquarian age. The color palette is a cosmic celebration—bright aquamarines, deep sapphires, and luminous opalites that capture the essence of water and sky, elements deeply connected to Aquarian symbolism.

Mariana believes that what music is to the ear, color is to the eye. Her exquisite creations make the women who wear them glow with confidence and love of life. Each of Mariana’s exotic designs are handcrafted to the highest standard from Swarovski crystals, gem stones, and hand cut crystals layered with 18 carat rose gold or rhodium (nickel free). Embrace the spirit of change and creativity with this stunningly unique collection, designed not just to adorn but to inspire.