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Mariana Living Dreams and Visions Bracelet B-4212/2 5002

Metal Finish: Rhodium (Silver)

Length: 15cm

The 'Living Dreams and Visions' collection embodies the spirit of hope and the clarity of dreams. It features a serene palette of Aquamarine and Light Sapphire, mirroring the tranquil waters and expansive skies that symbolize the open-hearted ethos of the Aquarian age. This line encourages its bearers to live their dreams with open eyes and a visionary spirit.

Mariana believes that what music is to the ear, colour is to the eye. Her exquisite creations make the women who wear them glow with confidence and love of life.

Each of Mariana’s exotic designs are handcrafted to the highest standard from Swarovski crystals, gem stones and hand cut crystals layered with 18 carat rose gold or rhodium (nickel free).