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Franck Herval Lolita Earrings 12-68047

Setting: Stud

Length: 4.7 cm approx

Metal finish:  Gold

Franck Herval Lolita collection are made of agate, glass bead, hematite, howlite, rocaille beads, swarovski.
Largely inspired by Santa Muerte whose metal pieces represent Mexican textile patterns. The bright and warm colours allow you to immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of Mexico.

Franck Herval: A place, a moment, my jewellery.

Born of the expertise of long-established jewellery creators and manufacturers, the French brand Franck Herval is designed by Manuelle and handmade by a highly skilled team of Artisans. Their inspiration is to capture the moment and share this passion with today’s woman.

By mixing and combining styles and influences, Franck Herval has created a multifaceted collection which allows you to choose your individual sense of share your life whatever the place, whatever the moment.