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Nature Bijoux Djimini Necklace 15-41962

Let yourself be carried by Nature Bijoux and make the difference!

Nature Bijoux is reinvented and speaks to all women “explorers” in search of a little more original; curious of new creative expressions with the desire and need to give more meaning to their consumption.

Length: 72cm approx

Metal finish:  Silver and gold

Ethnic, Modern and Rich!  The Djimini Collection is an eclectic composition inspired by the Ivory Coast and full of a variety of materials:  Fire Agate, Kumasi Bead, Sibucao, Ceramic, Chrysoprase, Agate, Tamarind, Sandalwood, Red Jasper, Oak, Picture Jasper and Glass Bead. Nature Bijoux jewellery is guaranteed nickel and lead free.