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Nature Bijoux Pokhara Earrings 12-77054

Let yourself be carried by Nature Bijoux and make the difference!

Nature Bijoux is reinvented and speaks to all women “explorers” in search of a little more original; curious of new creative expressions with the desire and need to give more meaning to their consumption.

Length:  5 cm

Setting:  Hoop

Metal finish:  Gold

Immerse yourself in the jewellery of the Pokhara Nature Bijoux collection which offers a tasty mix of natural materials. A rich ethnic creation inspired by a city in Nepal.

Created from elements of bodhi seed, tibetan turquoise, lumbang seed, mahogany fruit, palm tree seed, cornaline, rattan seed, rudraksha seed, howlite, rutilated quartz, salwag seed and sibucao seed.